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Valentine Gift

We believe this jewelry box to be 50 plus years old. Purchased by my husband now of 50 years for Valentine's Day. It still looks great and has always been on my dresser. My daughter who is 47 was always facanited with the colors of the box. And she is waiting for it to be handed down to her. For being over 50 years old the box still has its vibrate colors and the gold knob is still sturdy. My daughter was curious to see if the company was still around. And to our surprise you are. So we took a picture of a very well made jewelry box that is much loved by me and my daughter. We thought you might like to know that one of your jewelry box's is still bringing joy after all these years. My husband is so proud that he bought this for his sweetheart and now we've been married 50 years. The jewelry box has been through several moves and states and still it sits on my dresser and I use it every day. When I am ready to finally hand the box down to my daughter I know she will cherish it as much as I do. Sincerely, Linda L. Hileman- Cottrill


By MeleCo on
Thank you for sharing your inspirational story with us! We love seeing our older, vintage jewelry box styles, like yours, still in great condition, even fifty years later and after many moves. Our founder, Emidio Mele would be proud and happy to know the jewelry box has brought you and your family much joy. That is why we are here and we hope all of our customers have as much happiness and love in their lives as you. Your daughter is lucky to get your jewelry box, once you hand it down to her, and we're glad to hear it will be cherished by her just as much as it was by you.