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My Grandma's Jewelry Box

My grandmother gave me this jewelry box about 30 years ago. I knew it was special to her. This box holds so many memories for her and myself. I suspect she may have either bought this when she was a young woman working in a drug store in Nebraska around 1935 or it may have been a gift to her from my grandfather. They married in 1936. Unfortunately, that secret went with her. I think the outside is leather (gray) with gold flowers. The inside is lined with a silk lid and velvety tray. Can you tell me about this box? When was it produced? Does it have any significance to its time or design? I'd just love to know about it and the context of when you acquired it.Thank you.Vaughn Marie Gouff


By MeleCo on
We are so delighted you contacted us and have a few tidbits of information for you about this jewelry box. It is so special that you have it from your grandmother! We estimate that this jewelry box was made in 1956-1957 and was designed more specifically for earring storage. Our jewelry boxes were made to connect with people during that time and I'm sure the elements of this jewelry box were developed to meet the needs of those in the 1950s. We hope you cherish it and are able to pass it down for generations. Happy organizing!