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Great Grandmother's Jewelry Box

I was really close to my great grandmother. She would watch me during the day while my mom worked. One of our favorite things to do was to go through her jewelry box. She would go sit on her bed and have me bring her jewelry box over to her. I would sit next to her and open the box. I would grab a piece of jewelry and she would tell me where and when she got it. We set on her bed for hours going through her jewelry her telling me stories about every piece. I loved the old jewelry box and the memories it held inside. In early 2001 when I was 7 my great grandmother died. I had lost one of my friends and miss her dearly. She had left me her jewelry box and most of her jewelry though. I would go through it every day just like I had when she was alive. One day while I was out with my mom someone broke into our house and stole all the jewelry. I was devastated, but I was glad that they had left the jewelry box. I started using it for my own jewelry after that. I have had friends comment on how old it is and ask me why I don't just get a new one. I tell them it was a gift from my great grandmother and means a lot to me. After all these years of owning the jewelry box I noticed something I never noticed before. On the back in gold was the word Mele. With this new discovery I decided to get on the Internet and find out what Mele was. It led me here to the Mele & Co. website.


By MeleCo on
Thank you for sharing your heart-warming story with us! We love seeing vintage Mele styles and yours has a special story along with it. I'm sorry to hear about your great-grandmother and about losing all the jewelry inside. It's great that you still have the jewelry box though and are able to bring back precious memories about your great-grandmother. Your jewelry box will always be a memory of her and your relationship and time spent together. We hope you have filled it up and if you ever need another jewelry box to add to your collection, once it's filled, we're here to help!