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Davin Delight

I am a Canadian/British humanitarian based in Guatemala and working on the Syria crisis in Turkey. I am a man that appreciates quality and is sad to see men around the world caring less and less about their fashion and personal care despite an increase in men's products. I miss the old days when men wore hats and carried handkerchiefs, cigarette holders and pocket watches. This Davin that I bought makes me feel like not all is lost and there are still some people out there that appreciate taking care of men and their accessories. It is not only women that can accessorize you know. Keep up the good work Mele & Co Sincerely, Jonathan


By MeleCo on
We greatly appreciate your story and are happy to provide you with a place to keep all of your accessories. It looks like you made good use of the men's Davin valet! We also have watch boxes for your watches too, if you ever need one. Wishing you all the best in 2016!