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Best Christmas Present Ever

After many years of longingly playing with my mother's ballerina music box, I finally received my own music box just this Christmas.  I honestly cannot stop looking at the pretty thing. I have fallen hopelessly in love with it. It was a gift from a very wonderful mentor of mine, and she was right in thinking I had wanted one for so long because of the great memories music boxes bring to me. You wouldn't believe what a treat it was to hear the Marissa music box play 'Swan Lake', which was the same music played by my mothers' ballerina music box! Thank you so much for creating these memorable pieces. It was the most perfect Christmas present. I couldn't have asked for anything else.


By MeleCo on
Thank you for sharing your memorable story with us! We are so happy to hear that the Marissa jewelry box was the perfect Christmas gift for you. We have many musical jewelry boxes that bring back fond memories of family and childhood. We hope you enjoy your jewelry box for many years to come!